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Screen printing workshop

Prints drying at Ground Zero Printmakers Studio

This past weekend I participated in an Introduction to Screen Printing Workshop with Alain Costos at Ground Zero Printmakers Studio http://www.groundzeroprint.comhere in Victoria.

Screen in foreground

I decided to chose what I thought was a simple graphic image – a yellow polka dot bikini.  We began by drawing our image on paper then transfering to a stenicl material, in this case, mylar.  We very carefully cut our stencils with an x-acto knife.  Alain suggested we work with two colours, so we created two stencils, one for each colour.  In my case, the first stencil was for the maroon bikini and the second for the yellow polka dots.  (I wanted a purple for the bikini but the best colour mixture I could do with the colours on hand was maroon, so I settled for that).

First colour on opaque vellum paper

Here’s a print of the first colour, maroon, on opaque vellum paper.  We started to print on newspaper, then on to newsprint, opaque vellum, Stonehenge, then BFK.  It’s best to start with the newspaper until you get your ink flowing across the screen (using a squeegee).  This took some practice!

Okay, that was fun, now to add the second colour.  So now of course I had to deal with registration!  Meaning my yellow polka dots had to land in the right spot on the maroon bikini.  I think I cut some of the polka dots too large so they didn’t quite line up.  Although not too bad for a first attempt!

Second colour on BFK Rives


I tried the reverse colours in another edition of prints (see below).  Thanks to Alain for being so organized and patient with us throughout the workshop!

Two colours, second edition



More new prints

At the beach with Sandy

 Like the print in my last post, this print was also created with stencils, embossing and chine colle.  This time though I decided to “let the pieces fall where they may”.  The embossed areas were created using cut pieces of styrene.  I just dropped them onto the plate then placed the photo on an angle and then decided where the inked stencils would fit.   I decided not to use water or beach colours but colours that would be more youthful and fun.  I must stress that the colours are not showing up very well on the screen – they look great in real life!  I’m still using the “kraft” coloured Stonehenge which also is not showing up well in the photos.  I like the effect of the ink colours against the brown. 

At the beach (without chine colle photo)

After some comments made by my studio mates, I decided to try some prints without the photos.  I also cut some new stencils in more organic shapes and cut more pieces of styrene.  Again I dropped the styrene pieces then decided where the inked stencils should be placed.  This was also printed on the “kraft” Stonehenge.  I am hoping these will be part of Imperfect Memory, a show I am doing with Lorraine Douglas and Susan Underwood May 22 – June 2, at Gallery 1580 in Victoria BC.

At the beach #2

“At the beach #2” was made with the same elements and I added more styrene pieces.  I think maybe I’m getting somewhere with this idea!

Many methods in one print!

Here is a print I did the other day using stencils, embossing, and chine colle.  The seagull stencils were rolled up with Acqua Wash inks, the photo was printed onto a “Chinese rice paper “(it was given to me; apparently purchased at Opus) and the embossed images were cut from styrene.  The support paper is a kraft coloured Stonehenge although the colour didn’t show up in the photo.  I’d like to tie all these elements together somehow … and also add some words too.  Back to the studio today to experiment some more!

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