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Vancouver art tour

"Painting No. 1" 1964 by Ronald Bloore

Last weekend we made a dizzying trip to Vancouver and Whistler and back to Victoria in 36 hours!  On Friday we waded past the “4:20” folks setting up on the corner of Hornby and Howe and made our way into the VAG (Vancouver Art Gallery) to see the current show “Lights Out!”, Canadian paintings from the 1960s.  Above is a photo of me beside one of Ronald Bloore’s white-on-white textured paintings that he was well known for.  “Although Mr. Bloore never went to art school, he was one of the so-called Regina Five, a group of painters who outraged conservative Prairie sensibilities and stimulated public opinion.” (Alan Hustak, The Globe and Mail, September 12, 2009).   We saw many other significant works from that period but had little time to linger as we were meeting my nephews for lunch then heading up to Whistler to make dinner for John’s parents!

Fred Herzog Exhibit at Equinox Gallery's Project Space

On our way back from Whistler stopped in Vancouver again and found our way to Equinox Project Space, set up by the Equinox Gallery to see Fred Herzog A Retrospective.  This space is at the Great Northern Way Campus (four schools share this campus).  We have seen Herzog’s photos before at the VAG and were excited to see more.  He emigrated to Canada from Germany in 1952 and found his way to Vancouver in 1953 and began to take his photography more seriously.  “His work focuses primarily on “ordinary” people, the working class, and their connections to the city around them. He worked primarily with slide film (mostly Kodachrome), which limited his ability to exhibit, and also marginalized him somewhat as an artist in the 1950s and 60s when most work was in black and white.” (Wikipedia)  The cool thing about this exhibit is that with new technology his slides have been reproduced as high quality prints.  And there were a lot of red dots; even at upwards of $4,000 per print!  Way to go Fred!

Dream boat

Dream Boat 1

I started another set of new prints using an image of a red row boat.   During my childhood summers at our cottage on the south shores of Lake Nipissing (Ontario), we whiled away the hours in our old red rowboat.  We were too young for a “motor boat” so rowing around the bay was harmless and kept us out of my Mother’s hair so she could do the laundry with the old ringer washer and tend to the littlest ones.  I used styrene for the background plate and stencils for the boat and the waves.  I sprinkled corn starch on the inked plate to give the appearance of the lake sparkling in the sunshine.  These prints will be in our show Imperfect Memory which opens on May 23 at Gallery 1580 in Victoria.  I will be mentioning this date often so you will remember to attend this amazing show!

3D collage grid

3D collage grid

Last Tuesday was my last class of Watermedia Drawing with Tracey Nelson.  Our final assignment was to do a work using a grid format.  I decided to create some 3D collages from my own painted papers and some fun polka dot papers I bought at Michael’s.  I intuitively put together several collages then chose 9 collages which I had mounted on 5″ X5″ black Canson.  I cut a variety of shapes, cut out windows, tore papers, punched holes, and used double-sided adhesive foam to raise some of the pieces off the surface.  I arranged the collage squares along with a few solid black ones,  then mounted them onto a full size sheet of foam core.  See below for a close-up.

This piece along with several other works of mine will be on display this weekend at the Vancouver Island School of Art Open House on Saturday, April 14, 12 – 4 pm.  The work will be up until April 30 if you can’t make the open house.   There is some really great art being shown at the school these days so I suggest you grab a few friends and make a point of checking it out!

close-up 3d collage grid

Shore birds prints

Shore Birds #1 (final)

 Last week at Cecelia Press I decided to try using a brayer and roll the ink onto a sheet of 8″ X 10″ styrene that I had scratched into.  I rolled on two blues, Ultramarine and Prussian, and also used a piece of matt board to make marks into the ink.  I lay three shore bird stencils on top and printed onto BFK Rives.  The print you see above is one that I reworked with watercolour and Inktense sticks.  I may still need to bump up some of the values a bit more.  The print below is the way it came off the press and I wanted to show you how you can revive a print you may not be pleased with.

Shore birds # 1 off the press

You can see that the birds needed some help to come forward.  I like the textures that show up in the background though.  The next print is a ghost of another shore birds print.  I like the feeling it evokes of the birds sitting on the shore on an early misty morning!


Ghost print creates misty morning feel!


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