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Current show at Gallery 1580


Mixed Messages & Forgotten Dreams show invite

Above is the rack card for my current show and my artist statement below.  If you are in the Victoria area, please come to see the show!  I have been posting lots of photos of the work on Facebook so check it out there as well.


Based on my ongoing interest in maps, charts and plans, I have created a new series of contemporary mixed media works on layers of translucent Mylar film. Included in the show is an installation of text written directly on the gallery wall with brushes and watercolour.

Mapping has been a constant throughout my life. My father is an Ontario Land Surveyor who worked in every corner of the province. We were always pouring over maps or spinning the globe to find the places where he was working, or when we were planning a family vacation, or dreaming of travelling to a distant land.

This current work began following a series of printmaking images I made using botanicals, found maps, decorative papers and monoprints. I was at a turning point with my work and chose to take a new direction strongly influenced by the mapping concept. The basis of the work comes from a compilation of tracings of marks and shapes that appealed to me from some of my previous work, from my immediate surroundings, parts of photographs, and some made-up shapes.

Lines blur in and out of focus and it’s not apparent whether you’re reading a road map, or a site plan for development, or a land survey document. Washed out grid lines lay down the ground work; patterns of dots and dashes or pooled ink appear to indicate water sources, roadways, vegetation, spills, weather patterns, or property boundaries. The work is small and intimate and needs to be viewed at close range.

Some images have collage elements which are torn from handwritten letters I received from friends and family over the years. Having lived in six Canadian cities, corresponding by handwritten letters was my way of remaining connected. The titles for most of the new works are taken from phrases within the letters I kept.

For many years I worked as a calligrapher and collected text I felt a connection to. Some of my favourites are on the wall installation done with flat and pointed brushes and watercolour.   






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